Welcome Remarks
Welcome Remarks
Keynote 1 Connecting the Dots -
How Today's Technologies Will Combine to Transform the World
Keynote 2 Accelerating Tomorrow's Innovations
Keynote 3 Realizing the Vision of 5G
Keynote 4 Transforming the Wireless Edge to Realize the Full Potential of 5G
Track A - 5G
A-1 Keynote: 5G New Radio Standards, Trends, and Opportunities
A-2 5G Opportunities And Development Challenges
A-3 Understanding 5G New Radio (NR) Release 15/16 Standards
A-4 5G Network Equipment, Device Standards, and Conformance Tests
A-5 Overcoming The Challenges Of 5G Data Throughput
A-6 3GPP 5G NR System Design & Verification Solution
A-7 5G gNB Testing with High-Performance User Equipment Simulation
Track B - DCT
(Data Center & Telecom)
B-1 Keynote: Data Center and Optical Network Innovation: Enabling the 5G Ecosystem
B-2 Silicon Photonics Opportunities And Challenges For High Speed Transmission
B-3 Be Prepared to Test Next-Gen Type-C Technologies - USB 3.2, TBT 3, and USB4
B-4 400G: Looking Forward to 800G and Terabit Speeds
B-5 Evolution of High-Speed Server and Computing Interfaces
B-6 SERDES and Memory Design on High Performance Computing
B-7 World’s High-Density 400GE Testing
Track C - A&E
(Automotive & Energy)
C-1 Keynote: Realize Your Vision of Mobility Faster
C-2 The 77GHz/60GHz CMOS mmWave Radar Sensing for Automotive and Industrial
C-3 Bring Safety and Innovation to Autonomous Vehicles
C-4 Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Communications
C-5 Bring Breakthrough Electric Vehicle Innovations to Market Faster
C-6 Breakthroughs in Wideband Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifier Test
C-7 Designing Switched Mode Power Supply in High di/dt Era